Other Services

You name it and we'll help you take care of it. We have seen everything and we're confident that if you have a need, it will only take one call for us to get the job done right.


We replace damaged or faded signs. We also install new signs, and even have custom signs made to suit your needs.

Large Item Removal

We remove large items such as refrigerators, tires, mattresses and dispose off site upon request. We may call you about an item if one of our porters or sweeper drivers notices a dumped item.

Expansion joints

We remove old wood and weathered expansion joints, replace backer rod, and replace expansion joints in sidewalks and tilt wall.

Vacancy cleanouts

We remove any items needed and clean out vacancies so they can be leased.

Wheel Stops

We provide and install concrete and recycled plastic wheel stops for both new application and replacing damaged wheel stops. We also carry recycled plastic speed bumps and ballard covers.

Holiday decorations and Shuttles

We store and refurbish holiday decorations during the off season. We install and remove them when the season is over. We can also supply you with six or eight passenger shuttle carts for your customers during the holidays or special events.

Trash cans, benches, and tables

We sell and install a great line of trashcans, benches, tables and ashtrays.

Bird problems

We remove bird nests from signs or under awnings, apply bird repellent products, and pressure wash problem areas.

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