Porter & Sweeping

We cater to each property’s individual needs. By talking with you about your needs we can set up a system that will keep your property beautiful. Paying attention to detail is what we do best.

Big or Small

We can handle any size from an office building that just needs a porter to come through monthly, to a million plus square foot retail center that requires nightly sweeping and a day porter. If your property has a special need like wiping down tables or hosing off a courtyard, let us know.

Night and Day

A day porter is always more detail oriented. They can see the cigarette butts in the landscaping, but are burdened with traffic and a parking lot full of cars. A night porter or a sweeper has the lot to themselves but has to deal with the dark.

Our Porters and Sweepers Always:

  • Blow the Sidewalks
  • Wipe Down Trash Can Lids
  • Empty Ashtrays
  • Hand Pick Landscaping
  • Replace Trash Liners

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